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St. Charles Foundation Repair Services

Bowed Wall Repair

Construction ToolsContractors can repair bowed walls by putting it back into place by creating a mechanism that applies continuous pressure to the wall. It allows the wall to stabilize itself and become straight again. Bowed walls are mostly caused by the expansion of walls which contract water.

Freezing water or poor maintenance of the dirt around the foundation at the time of construction may lead to these conditions. Bowed walls can lead to severe consequences and need to be taken care of immediately, else they can severely affect the real estate value of your house.

Foundation Piering

Foundation Piering is done by using tools that allow foundation repair engineers to push piers into the ground. Once the push piers have been driven into the soil, helical piers are driven as well by they are turned into the ground so they screw the soil tightly.

The entire process requires close monitoring using tools that measure hydraulic pressure. Steel bracket are used to place the weight of the foundation into the ground like before after completely stabilizing.

Foundation Leveling

In most cases water and soil are the main culprits and lead to cracks and displacement. Foundation leveling damage is mostly caused in the slab foundations, piers and beam foundations. It’s a common problem in houses that have basements.

If you leave such issues unattended your building might completely collapse. A good foundation repair company can address such issues and restore your foundation to its original state and put back the foundation to its original soil level.

Foundation Sinking

To repair foundation sinking problems, the structure of the house is put back in place using steel frames, professional contractors pump piers into the ground using their tools and then continually measure the stability and pressure of the soil using tools that measure the hydraulic pressure in the ground.

The piers are ‘screwed’ into the ground to ensure the soil becomes stable and then the foundation of the house is placed on the steel frame for better stability. If the damage is not that severe push piers may also be used to stabilize the house.

Basement Wall Bracing

Getting the basement wall repaired can completely negate the chances of any wall shear and can serve as one of the most cost effective methods of getting basement walls repaired. In some cases the walls may be damaged due to the roots of surrounding trees and your professional foundation repair company might ask you to get a barrier installed to prevent the roots from damaging your basement walls.

The barrier will push the roots away so they do not encroach upon your foundation walls and prevent any further damage.

Foundation Settlement

It is same as the piering method we have discussed earlier. Steel brackets are used to hold the foundation together and piers are pushed into the soil using hydraulic machinery. Piers are pushed into the displaced soil until the bedrock stabilizes and the foundation can safely rest on the steel brackets.

Alternatively, polymer injections may also be used. It is one of the more recent findings in the world or foundation repair and it is undertaken by applying geotechnical foam into the weak soil and the injections cause the soil to solidify.

Basement waterproofing services

Sump Pumps

Foundation WaterproofingAs the water is the main supply to run the water powered sump pump it means that the town water supply that you acquire is the best option for the same. It is important that the water pressure is much high in this case and that is needed to be around 100 psi.

If the amount of water pressure is great then there are many chances that it will remove a larger amount of water from the sump pit. The choice of the sump pump mostly depends on the basement area that can accumulate water.

Water powered sump pump is the best way to save a lot of bucks in the electricity bill if you want to save the same. To make sure that the sump pump is positioned in the right place you will at least need two sump pumps one is the primary and the other one is the back up.

French Drains

In the French drains there are PVC pipes fixed underneath for the water to drain. It also comes with filtration fabric that helps in collecting the debris that comes along the way and avoids the same from getting clogged in the drains.

French drains are considered one of the best drainage systems because it is employed in those places where there is lot of water in the ground and there is a lack of sunlight and which doesn’t have the opportunity of the sunlight touching the same.

Window Well Repairs

It at most of the times window wells collect leaves and various other things. So, the best way to take care of this area is add a sloping down mechanism which will allow the animals that get stuck in the area and in the event if snow and rain the water can slope outside.

Just make sure that the bed is made that is a gravel. The foundation can become very difficult to clean and window well repairs are the best way to keep your foundation well maintained.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation makes the house more energy efficient and the dirt is vented to make the area and the house more energy efficient. Encapsulation means an act of sealing the openings that is there in the crawl space and that is done by putting up air tight plastic covers that floors and the walls for the moisture doesn’t get accumulated and that it turn doesn’t affect the foundation of the house.

It helps in keeping the house in a better position thus saving a lot in the energy.

Concrete Repair Services

Basement Crack Repair

Sealing CracksNow, as basement is an important part of the house and people living in that particular house tends to fall sick due to the problems that arise with the moisture that gets accumulated in the wall. The problem that you will face due to not repairing the wall is much greater than the money that you will be giving away for the purpose of repairing the concrete or the walls of the basement.

You can always employ the traditional method of repairing the crack that is acquired in the basement but the modern method of repairing the crack in the basement is far better option. The best modern way of repairing the small cracks are by injecting polymer and that helps in repairing basement cracks permanently.

It is better to go for the professional help for repairing the larger cracks. There are various kinds of options available for repairing the cracks and the employment of the same depends on the type of crack that the basement has.

Mud Jacking

Mudjacking is an alternative way to slab jack. Repairs are done by applying pressure on the grouts and restore your concrete to its original level. There isn’t much of a difference between slabjacking and mudjacking and both of them are viable options to get your concrete’s level restored. This process is also known as grouting in some cases.

Slab Jacking

The concrete settlements are important in areas where the soil is prone to erosion and after a certain pint of time the concrete gets compressed and reason which the slabjacking becomes very important. Even the basement levels goes down and reason which the concrete leveling becomes essential.

Slabjacking is a repair technology that has the essence of mudjacking in the same. In slabjacking a particular concrete area is drilled and the areas that are void are filled with the injections of concrete.


To repair the concrete of your houses, pipes that carry drinking water through the walls are stopped and the water supply is also closed. The section where the leak is there is repaired and then left for a couple of weeks so that the area is dried with the change in the climatic.

It is important that you do a check-up once in a while to see whether the house needs any kinds of tuckpointing. This is a professional work and should be left to them for a better understanding and work at the same time.

Ceiling Cracks

Cracked CeilingThe repairing of the concrete cracks is done by breaking down the area where the cracks have occurred and again putting good amount of concrete to make sure they are attached to one another.

The damps that tend to occur in the ceiling may be done by breaking the area and putting in some coating on the already existing brick so that the leakage is less the cracks that tend to happen due to the same don’t show.

Street Creep

Street creep problems often occur due to thermal contraction in your concrete on your property’s pavements as well as surrounding ones. Concrete tends to expand or contract depending on the temperature and street creep repairs help you stabilize the concrete levels to ensure no damage is caused to your home’s foundation.

Sinking Porch Repair

Sinking Porch repairs help restore the aesthetics of your house to its former self. There are several reasons that can explain a sinking porch. One of biggest offenders is soil erosion and depending on the current condition of your porch a professional will be able to assess if your porch needs a repair or a replacement.

There are multiple measures that can be taken including polymer injections to solidify the soil and restore the porch to its normal state.

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